• June

    3rd at Rockingham, Club Enduro

    Get in there!!!! Geoff Steel and Julian brilliantly supported by the team of Will Fields and Rob Steel brought the old girl home 3rd in class today at Rockingham, Club Enduro.

    Diff went on Friday in testing. Replacement diff wouldn’t work in qualifying so started way down in 13th. Urgent fitting of old diff just to keep us in the race and ……

    Three hours in baking heat and engine cooling problems for most so it was just about keeping the car on the track, keeping consistent lap times and holding concentration to the very end in sweltering conditions.

    Brilliant team effort with Geoff Steel Racing – My first proper silverware.

    Julian McBride

  • July

    3rd & 4th at Spa-Francorchamps

    Day 1

    Mega day for Julian’s first ever race at Spa-Francorchamps …

    Started 10th in class and finished 4th, narrowly missing out on P2 having been great been given a drive-through penalty. Hey ho, easy come, easy go!

    As always, what brilliant, brilliant support from my team, Geoff Steel, Will Fields and Robbie Lancaster and definitely not forgetting Rob Steel who did much of the build but not with me this weekend.

    As Julian says “Thank you guys, what a wonderful machine you’ve built me and what great support. Utterly professional and a great bunch! An utterly epic circuit but good god, how exhausting?“

    Day 2

    Get in there!!! Julian finished 4th again in his second race at Spa …. except no, due to a timing issue with the race organisers they misplaced someone ahead of him.

    That means he got 3rd!!!! Silverware from Spa.

    Julian McBride