Geoff Steel Racing Team

Team Manager

Will Fields


Will is the epitome of spirited stamina and has a bag full of determination that often comes into play when getting jobs done. That combined with his 20 years of experience is a combination that keeps the Team together when it counts. He specialises in engine and gearbox builds whilst being ever present at race meets to manage the team…..the man who can, and you can’t do without.

Team Principal

Geoff Steel

Geoff steel

Geoff has been winning races, championships, and rallies since 1978. He has an understated determination that keeps all around him driven. He has now turned his talents to become the Team Principal at Geoff Steel Racing. Using his experience and wisdom he heads up car development, carries out suspension, data and telemetry analysis, offers driver tuition and on occasion still gets behind the wheel himself.

Race Technician

Rob Steel


Rob’s natural ability and keen eye for details has made him an invaluable part of the Geoff Steel Racing team. Another long standing member, for over 20 years Rob has always delivered under pressure and always worked to get the job done. On top of general race car prep work, Rob specialises in fabrication and electrical work.